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    Witness History and Artistry at Classic Car Show

    From warm yellow to deep burgundy, classic cars of all colors, makes and models will congregate in Isle® Casino Racing Pompano Park from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Sunday, November 16.

    The automobile rainbow, which will be open to the public and is totally worth seeing! This is the granddaddy of all classic car shows! Whether you are looking for a walk down memory lane or ideas for your first collectible car. The Winter Classic Car Show will include a wide variety of classic automobiles to please everyone.

    What makes it a “Classic”?

    The term “classic” generally refers to cars built before the year 1975. That was the “golden era” in car making. It started when the auto industry rebounded after World War II to an all-time automobile-making high. In a sense, classic cars are the baby boomers of automobiles! Some organizations, like the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA), define classic cars as being built between the years of 1925-1948. Which just goes to show, it’s all a matter of perception.

    Some automakers branched out during World War I to create materials to help the United States win the fight. Others were founded to build aircraft engines, but repurposed the factories after fighting stopped to manufacture luxury cars.

    When did they get so fancy?

    Cars from the post-war era were designed with features that resembled foreign cars – becoming smaller, more potent and significantly more efficient. But the most important ingredient in the classic car recipe was quality. Classic cars often house luxurious touches like custom coachwork, engine displacement, power clutch and brakes, and automatic lubrication systems.

    Globally, cars changed after the war with several broad stylistic trends. Removable fenders, trunks, headlights and a vertical grill treatments became standard. Within these trends, important standards of quality were maintained. "Fine or distinctive" cars from certain years are what make the classic cut today, the CCCA explains.

    "All of these are very special cars that are distinguished by their respective fine design, high engineering standards and superior workmanship," reports the CCCA website.

    Each car includes fascinating, dynamic features that add value and lend intrigue. The value stems from the detail included in each part of the vehicle. From genuine leather seats to custom restored paint jobs, each car is a treasure chest of painstaking detail and originality.

    While supplies last!

    Sometimes our classic cars were limited-edition items. They had high list prices originally that have continued to increase today, sometimes to millions of dollars. For example, Howstuffworks.com lists a certain 1962 luxury sports car to be valued at $6.9 million!

    When cars work out…
    The national interest in cars helped spur on the muscle car movement. Dominated by internal power and sporty appeal, muscle cars satisfied the need for originality, and of course, speed. Both the muscle car and classic car era gradually came to a close in the 1970's. As new rules about fuel economy and pollution limited production, cars moved on to new steps of evolution.

    Each car has a story to tell, something no off-the-lot modern car can claim. The car show will offer the opportunity to share this rich legacy with friends and family. The Winter Classic Car Show will feature several rare, hard-to-find cars like this, providing a unique opportunity to see these beautiful pieces of history in person.

    If you're craving a little window into the speed, majesty, power and luxury, stop by the Winter Classic Car Show in Isle Casino Pompano Park this November for a reminder of a past that has concluded, but will never be forgotten.

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