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    Where Will You Feather Your Nest? How 'bout Winter Season in Pompano Beach?

    Why roost in Boston, Duluth, Chicago or Akron when the weather turns chilly and the smartest birds head south. Perhaps you’ve thought about joining them--but the whole “snowbird” thing bothers you because it’s such a cliché.

    It’s time to realize that these annual Florida wise owls are pretty smart after all. Perhaps you have come to the realization that you want to be a snowbird and be proud of it. If that describes you, congratulations! Make no apologies as you pack shorts and kiss your northern friends goodbye, then feather a nest where the breezes are sweet and those snowbanks stay behind.

    But, wait! You can’t fly south until you know where you’ll perch, and browsing a list of Florida cities can be daunting. No worries. There are lots of choices. You could pick Naples—a bit crowded and commercial. Or Sarasota —but that’s where Uncle Melvin goes and you want a place that’s unique. Pick a less known stretch of paradise that is sure to capture your heart and give you the urge to nest: Pompano Beach. Never heard of this paradise before? That’s the point! Here are just a few reasons to shake your feathers in Pompano Beach this winter.

    1. You can channel your inner bird.
    We’re not talking about robins, silly. Instead we’re thinking about Charley “Bird” Parker or The Yardbirds or The Dixie Chicks. Heck, how about Sheryl Crow? Whatever your music taste and whatever era you claim (from the contemporary music scene to jazz or symphonic performances), you’ll find it in Pompano Beach. The weather’s so balmy and accommodating, outdoor concerts are held all winter long, so discover what it’s like to treat all of your senses to a variety of musical experiences. Visit this website to see what fits your fancy and keep an eye on our favorite concert spot, the Isle® Pompano Park.

    2. You can eat like a bird.
    Or not!!! Pompano Beach is home to some great Sunshine State cooking. Sure, you can whip up toast for breakfast or a burger for lunch, or you could eat somewhere like Farraddays® – recent winners of the Open Table Best Dinner Award. Do you appreciate fine wines? Farraddays received the 2013 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence too!

    3. You can feather your financial nest.
    Of course you’ll spend some bucks, but as a reformed snowbird, you’re also up for winning some cash to help underwrite your stay. At Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park, a thrilling number of gaming options await, including 1,500 slots—some of which allow you to wager just two cents a spin. Take a break from the tables with an on premise massage, and then return to try out more slots and table games.

    But it’s the harness racing that may excite you most. The Isle has been called the “Winter Capital of Harness Racing” because world-class, standard-breed racing has reigned supreme with residents and snowbirds alike from October to June, since 1964. Need more sports action? Don’t fret. Jai-alai, thoroughbred and greyhound racing are also simulcast from 20 North American venues.

    4. You can build a vacation nest.
    As you can imagine, there are enough hotels, motels and resorts in Pompano Beach to keep any snowbird from being left out in the cold, but if you’re smart, you’ll shop around for the best rates so you don’t blow your budget. Just a short fly away from Isle Casino Racing are lodgings that cater to every budget under the Florida sun, ranging from the upscale LaCosta Beach Club to the affordable Budget Inn Ocean Resort--and plenty of choices in-between. The folks at the Isle can help point you in the direction of suitable lodgings if you don’t already have a favorite chain in mind. Choose the right accommodations and you could stretch your budget even further.

    You are now ready to migrate south and become a self-made snow bird! Follow us on Facebook® and Twitter® to stay tuned in to all the action that’s coming up at the Isle!
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