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    The Best BBQ Techniques to Become a Professional

    Becoming a better Grill Master may sound like a hard task but if you're passionate enough, you can learn to grill like the professionals do. Always remember, practice makes perfect. And you can't get better at grilling if you don't put your skills to the test. Professional chefs working a grill station on a normal night cook up to a dozen steaks. That adds up to hundreds a week. And each steak can vary in temperatures, including rare, medium rare, medium, and medium well.

    When you're learning to grill it's important to understand that Gas and Charcoal are two very different experiences. Grilling with gas is essentially the same as grilling on the stove, except, you're outside. But it's a lot easier and faster to cook on a gas grill. And if you're going to be grilling over charcoal then you have unlimited heat with the charcoal. Plus the added smoke and flavor. Whether you use gas or charcoal is up to the cook.

    The most important part about grilling is keeping your grill clean. A messy grill will prevent heat from reaching your food and it will even take longer to cook. And don't forget to get your grill hot before you start. Use these tips at the contest and don't forget to have some fun and eat well.

    BBQ Beginners and masters everywhere will join together this fall, each wanting to become BBQ masters. But it's going to take the best of the best to compete for the BBQ title. When the BBQ masters join together in one kitchen, it's nothing but pure entertainment. It's the perfect event for fellow cooks to network and learn tricks of the trade from one another. We’ve got just such an event this fall, and you’re going to go hog wild for it!

    4th Annual Isle® Smokin Hot BBQ contest

    The 4th Annual Isle Smokin Hot BBQ contest will be lighting up its grills this fall. October 23-24, 2015 will bring two fun days of barbequing. And it's not just the charcoal that's going to get super-heated. Over 40 teams will be competing to qualify for the biggest BBQ contest in the country, including:

    • The Jack Daniel’s World BBQ contest: It’s time to light the coals and get those flames burning because at the Jack Daniel's® World Championship Invitational BBQ in Lynchburg, Tennessee, teams from all over the country will go head to head on October 24, 2015. And only one will come out as the “Grand Champion”. Prizes for this year’s competition are amazing. There will be two types of competition categories: Invitational and Amateur. Let's see what skills come to the grill.
    • The American Royal: The Legends program at the “American Royal World Series of Barbecue,” is a loyalty program for BBQ teams. In order for a team to qualify for the Legends Program, the team must have 20 or more years of participation in the American Royal Barbecue. And when it comes to honoring each team, Legends team will receive an exclusive Legends Banner to display in their space and an invitation to a private Legends only breakfast; not to mention the opportunity to compete in separate, Legends-only contests. The Legends program will take place in October, 2015.
    • Sonny's Smokin' Showdown: This will take place at Central Florida Zoo on January 29-30, 2016. The Sonny's Smokin' Showdown invitational is one of the most memorable BBQ Battles between the nation's top pit masters. And it's the most talked about competition.

    Get ready to experience the best BBQ contest of your life. The 4th Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ Contest will be held at the Isle Casino® at Pompano Park. There will be free admission and free parking for this two-day event, which will be open to the public on Friday, October 23 from 3-9 p.m. and Saturday, October 24 from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. There will be a hospitality tent with a bar, a DJ, and a live country band will be on the stage. Contests include the firefighter's backyard BBQ contest and the people’s choice contest. There will be vendors and places to buy amazing BBQ, and even an antique fire truck courtesy of the Ft. Lauderdale Fire Museum! And please don't forget to show some love to the US Marine Corps League, who will be out in support of Wounded Warriors and Toys for Tots, so show your support and come on out!

    Don't forget admissions and parking are free. Guests can also find themselves enjoying a drink and some live music — there will be a lot of BBQ food to choose from. Visitors can prepare to have the night of their life, trying different foods, connecting with different cooks and just have a laid back, good time. See you there!






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