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    The Battle of the Vettes: 1966 vs 2017

    This March, Isle Casino® Racing Pompano Park is hosting the ultimate Corvette® giveaway. As part of our "Ready, Set, Pick Your Vette!" promotion, we’ll draw two winners on select Fridays and every Saturday throughout the month of March. Every winner receives a finalist entry ticket for our finale car drawing on Saturday, March 25th at 11:00 p.m., where one finalist will be pulled from the drawing drum. That lucky winner gets to choose between two luxury vehicles: a new 2017 Corvette or a vintage 1966 Corvette.

    We know making that final car selection will not be easy. Each model brings with it a distinctive sense of style, flair, and pure engine adrenaline. However, the feel behind the wheel will offer a completely different experience. Knowing some of the trends, fads and interesting facts of each year can help you determine if you're all about a contemporary ride, or if you prefer a nostalgic drive down memory lane.

    Fun Facts About 1966

    The sixties brought with it significant advances in technology and culture, and 1966 proved no exception. Style icons, new fashion trends and Hollywood beauties stormed the scene. The conservative look of the 50s and early 60s was discarded for a more vibrant and “daring” look. The style of 1966 welcomed miniskirts, wide belts, and skinny fitted pants for the guys!

    The youth of the time, infatuated by exotic things, differentiated themselves… largely with the music they fell in love with. New pop records emerged that helped to define the musical landscape for years to come.

    The first of our Corvette models was a hit as well, as the 1966 Corvette has become “one of the most collectible Corvettes ever.

    Fun Facts About 2017

    Even though the year just started, it’s already being defined by its popular elements. Electronic-pop music is dominating the charts. Blockbuster movies packed with special effects that stimulate the senses are bringing hordes of people to theatres again. Healthier eating habits (and recipe-sharing on social media) are trending, and the cars are looking as stylish as ever, and LOADED with technology. The 2017 Corvette is no exception.

    Getting to Know the Vettes

    Of course, regardless of what you think of the years, the vehicles themselves will play the biggest role in your final selection. The 1966 model offers classic Corvette craftsmanship. Long lines, a broad, commanding stance and an egg crate grille all distinguish this timeless and remarkable car. The Sting Ray model was not only popular during its production, but the quality design and build make it a highly sought after option even in today's market. The 2017 model is everything you'd expect from a modern Vette: sleek sophistication and innovation blend seamlessly for optimal driver and passenger enjoyment.

    Cruise into the Isle®!

    No matter which model you choose, you are guaranteed under-the-hood power for a one-of-a-kind driving experience that only a Corvette can deliver! Don't miss out on our Corvette giveaway. The finale is on March 25th, so hurry in!
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