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    Our Favorite Wine Pairings

    Whether dining out or cooking at home, it is essential to know the best wines to serve with the meal. The right choice will enhance the flavor in the entrée, appetizer or dessert. Here is a look at some of the most popular wines and the foods they are best paired with.

    Sauvignon Blanc

    This light wine has a lemon and grassy undertone, and its best paired with equally light entrees. Consider sushi or other seafood and chicken for your main course. Anything with a light sauce and white rice will be the perfect choice. Citrus fruits for either a side dish or dessert are also popular choices which bring out the full flavor of the wine.


    Another favorite among wine aficionados, a chardonnay wine is buttery with peach, vanilla or pineapple flavors and a medium body. You’ll want to pair this wine with a fuller menu, such as pork, veal, crab or lobster. Asiago cheese and creamy sauces complement the flavor of the wine. End your meal with a light dessert such as key lime pie or banana pudding.

    Pinot Noir

    A silky wine with a medium body, pinot noir features strawberry and cherry flavors with a smoky tone. You need stronger flavors in your meal to complement this wine, such as filet mignon, pork or roasted chicken. A hearty bread and medium-red sauces make the perfect addition. Add a side dish with cherries and strawberries or other dried fruit and end the meal with crème brulee or white chocolate for a filling but exciting dinner.

    Red Burgundy

    An elegant wine with a medium body, the Red Burgundy features tones of strawberries, raspberries and sometimes black cherries. Enjoy it with light meats, such as fish, turkey or duck. Braise stronger meats like beef in the wine for distinct flavoring. Use cream sauces for your entrees when you serve this wine.

    Cabernet Sauvignon

    This full-bodied wine features flavors of coffee, dark chocolate and black currants. Serve it with equally strong flavors of meat, such as wild game, beef stew, tuna and roasted meats. Include other bold flavors such as cheddar cheese and brown sauces or a thick red sauce. Add an elegant touch to a simple pizza meal by serving this wine. Chocolate desserts make the perfect ending to the meal.

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