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    Multi-Action Poker: Double the Action, Double the Fun!

    If you’re looking to cash in on an exclusive brand of card-playing excitement, Isle® Casino Pompano Park has a new MAP that will get you pointed in the right direction. That’s multi-action poker, the latest way to double the win potential of every trip to the table. The game-play is double the fun, too, but just be clear: MAP is only offered in a single poker room in South Florida, and it’s right here at Isle Casino.

    Players still may be familiar with the concept behind MAP, though, since it’s much like online multi-tabling, only with the unbeatable thrill of live play. Yet even those who’ve never tried it before will find it easy to pick up. After all, folks are still playing poker with MAP, they’re just playing two hands, in two separate games, at one table.

    That table has double the dealers, with each one managing an independent, completely color-coded hand of play. The cards, chips, dealer buttons, pots and table sections all match the dealers’ colors as well, making it simple to keep track of the action. However, the players themselves can choose to play their chips as they see fit. So, even if bad luck strikes, and someone is felted in one game, the player can keep going on that part of the table by borrowing back the minimum buy-in from the other side (as long as the player is already out of that second hand, of course).

    That means twice the opportunity to win, with less down-time between deals and more poker. In fact, with MAP, players can enjoy two totally separate styles of poker at the same table, with one dealer offering No Limit Hold 'Em, for example, and the other playing Pot Limit Omaha.

    With play following the traditional rules for those games, it’s merely a matter of adjusting to the faster pace. Most players can get up to speed in mere minutes, and the average poker fan will get the hang of MAP action in about ten hands.

    Further, while multi-action poker does indeed double opportunities for raking in big pots, it’s important to remember that all the other potential ways to win also are doubled, including high-hand and bad-beat jackpots. As another bonus, all that comes on top of a key advantage at the Isle Casino Pompano Park, which happens to offer the highest return for hourly play in all of South Florida. But not only do all players score up to $1.44 per hour, our Gold and Platinum card members can up the ante with double and triple points.

    Isle Casino also recently expanded our poker room hours to make it easier to try out the new MAP play. Currently, action is available from 9 to 3 a.m. from Sunday through Thursday, with Friday and Saturday poker running for 24 hours on each day. Additionally increased is the size of our tables: Eight-handed poker tables do remain standard, but we also offer ten-handed setups that are especially exciting for the increasingly popular Sit-N-Go tournaments.

    Speaking of poker tournaments, Isle Casino is pleased to announce the return of the Jeff Conine Celebrity Poker Classic, now in its fourth year. Launched by the two-time Marlins World Series champion, the tournament offers a big prize for players, $10,000 cash! All proceeds go to the “Conine Clubhouse” at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Registration for the tournament is now open, with play scheduled to start on Monday, July 13, 2015.

    There’s also much more to Isle Casino Pompano Park than just its premier poker room. The facility actually provides a wide range of fast-paced fun and nightlife, highlighted by:

    Plenty of video-poker stations and slot machines, including a two-game Slingo machine for the adrenaline rush of group play
    Delightful dining experiences, from the American classic cuisine of the Farraddays® Steakhouse to the fresh and local choices at the Farmer’s Pick Buffet®
    An ongoing calendar of entertainment events, with live music and dancing in the fling lounge

    Finally, there’s Isle Casino Racing, with a 50-year track record of world-class competition that has earned it the title of “Winter Capital of Harness Racing.” The horses run live from October through June, while the summer fun includes simulcasts of harness, thoroughbred and greyhound racing, as well as jai-alai games, from more than 20 locations throughout North America.

    But whether you come for the poker or the ponies, Isle Casino Racing at Pompano Park is South Florida’s go-to source for the latest in gaming and entertainment.


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