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    Merry Christmas Slots!

    All of us here at Isle Casino® Racing Pompano Park know it’s the season of giving, so we’re bringing you a brand new slot machine perfectly suited for the holidays! Help us welcome the A Christmas Story™ slot, a fresh take on a holiday classic featuring four base game, including The Bumpus Hounds, The Nostalgia and more. Plus, unlock four bonus features such as the Head Honcho and The Queen Mother of Dirty Words!

    Spin the decoder wheel for an opportunity to win one of the progressive jackpots, or you could play the Sinister Triple Dog Dare where you get a chance to win up to four times! Not only are there so many different game modes, but couple that with our Late Night 8X Points and you’re on your way to one great holiday night. On Christmas night, play between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. and you’ll get 8X the redeemable points if you're a Fan Club® member. If you’re not a member yet, don’t worry! Just sign up at the Fan Club® before you play.

    While you’re experiencing our new slot, you mine as well check out some of our electronic table games. We know there’s bound to be something you’ll love:

    • Blackjack: Includes seamless gameplay and high definition graphics. A progressive bonus bet starts at $10,000!
    • Roulette: Fun to play… or watch! This action-packed game gives you odds with a range from 35 to 1 to even money, depending on the bet types wagered.
    • Craps: With a wide variety of bets, it’s great for beginners and adept players.
    • Sic-bo: No matter if you call it Hi-Lo, Big and Small or Tai Sai Dai Siu, this new fan favorite features eight ways to bet… and eight ways to win!

    Of course, you can always stick to your favorite slots as well, including Wheel of Fortune®, The Wizard of Oz™ and Cash Spin.

    Also, try your hand at Slingo® if you’ve never played! This new game gets everyone involved as they cheer you on to victory. Players have bonus wins but take on each other for the overall bonus win, so bring your competitive fire!

    This is the season for giving, but it’s also one for getting lucky! Spend some time with us to help make your holiday as rewarding as possible. With 1500 slots, multiple poker tables and six fabulous restaurants, there’s plenty to do at The Isle® this holiday season.






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