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    Isle Classic Car & Boat Show Returns this June

    Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park in Pompano Beach, Florida, is not just an ideal location for fun, friends, and gaming -- it is also home to the well-renowned Classic Car and Boat Show. Car enthusiasts with a soul for nostalgia will undoubtedly be wowed by the automotive "eye candy" offered at the ISLE Classic Car and Boat Show. A true feast for the eyes, this car/boat show will spin viewers on a blast through memory lane. With its incredibly diverse variety of retro cars and boats, this event is a testament to the expert workmanship of a time long past.
    The show displays a host of cars ranging from collectables to the infamous "hot rods" that awe onlookers with their promise of speed, durability, and powerful performance. Folks can not only come and enjoy the bountiful selection of cars and small boats, but they can also enter their own prized vehicles and scoop up some great prizes along the way. For a fee of $20, guests can enter their car in the show, receiving $5 in free casino play and a tasty breakfast. Contestants can compete for trophies in a wide range of categories.
    The Isle's car show has proven a fantastic outlet for tourists looking for a pleasant weekend retreat and for the possibility of taking home a great prize for their valued possession(s). Andrew McClary, contributor at Car Show Television, hails this event a "really terrific venue" in the Pompano Beach area. As a spectator of last year's show, McClary blogged about his experience on the website, praising the show for the willingness of its participants to be interviewed. He even nabbed interviews with members of the Corvette Club of South Florida. McClary also enjoyed the skills of Scott the Music Man -- the official DJ of Cruisin South Florida, South Florida's hottest "classic" car show website.
    Both general admission and parking for this event are offered free of charge. This event will be Saturday, June 22, 2014, from 11 AM to 5 PM. The show will be held at the ISLE Casino Racing Park of Pompano Beach, Florida at 1800 SW 3rd St., Pompano Beach, FL 33069. With its history of great entertainment and prizes, the ISLE's Car and Boat Show is a living testament to a country's widespread love for the freedom offered by the open road.
    Source: http://www.carshowtv.com/isle-casino-classic-car-and-boat-show/

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