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    How to Take a Winning Selfie

    Taking a selfie certainly doesn't require a photography degree, but the easiest way to tell if a selfie has turned out well is if it looks like someone else took the photo. Here are a few tips to taking impressive selfies!

    P.S. these will come in handy at the 3rd Annual Isle Smokin' BBQ Contest on October 24 and October 25 at Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park.

    Avoid the photo bomber
    This person really wants to be in the photograph so much that he'll poke his head in front of the camera, wave his finger in front of the intended target or be a bit more abrasive by just pushing his way into the photo. Avoid him. Pay attention to the side and background surroundings before choosing a photograph location to make sure no one can walk by. Taking the selfie against a wall is an easy way to eliminate the photo bomber. This is especially important if the background shot is artistic or historical. Although cameras aren't allowed on the casino floor, there are creative spots outside of the casino area with cool selfie backgrounds.

    Don't be afraid to smile
    If the person in the photograph doesn't look impressed, neither will the people looking at the selfie. Don't be afraid to show off that winning smile. What's not to smile about?

    Get away from mirrors
    The biggest problem with taking photographs in front of a mirror is the flash. There will usually be a golden star shape in front of the target. That glow ruins the color and appearance of the outfit. Turning off the flash on a Smartphone helps eliminate the glare, but it still blocks part of the shirt. Plus, we’ve all seen the way to common pic of you staring into the phone instead of the mirror!

    Move the arm out of the way
    Similar to the cons of mirror selfies, there's an art to making sure the arm is not the highlight of the photo. With mirror selfies, there's no way around showing the arms holding the camera. However, by turning the camera at a slightly diagonal and upper angle, the arm doesn't have to be seen at all.

    Rethink the duck face
    Crossed eyes, duck lips and selective finger poses aren't the best photographic decisions for a winning selfie. If the intended purpose of the selfie is to be comedic, test out a few poses in the mirror first. Also make sure this is a selfie that won't offend parents, grandparents and the company boss if it's posted on a social media site with a public profile. It may be a funny photograph for the intended target but lose its appeal if additional viewers are offended.

    Do a face check beforehand
    No matter how often hair is combed or brushed, don't risk having that annoying chunk of hair or wisp in the eye. The same goes for makeup and food crumbs. A winning selfie looks like the intended target just stepped out of the door on her way to the casino.

    Bring backup clothing; check out the outfit
    What's not to love about BBQ? The smell, the taste, the texture and the sauce are all enticing. The problem is BBQ can ruin an outfit in seconds. Whether the selfie is taken before or after arriving at this year’s 3rd Annual Isle Smokin’ Hot BBQ Contest, make sure no food ends up on the areas that'll be in the selfie. Or, keep an extra handkerchief, shirt or coat just in case of emergencies. Travel detergent wipes are even easier and lighter to carry instead of changing clothes.

    Choose the right prescription glasses, sunglasses
    Someone who wears glasses on a regular basis usually looks like they can't see when taking photographs without them. Embrace the glasses, but try to aim so the flash doesn't flash in front of an eye. Sunglasses sometimes have this same effect with flash, or the shades will show a mirror-like image of the person taking the photograph. Save the sunglasses for the sun. Remove them in selfies.

    Clean the camera lens
    Use safe lens cleaner on a camera lens. Make sure there are no dirt remnants or fingerprint smudges on the lens before taking the selfie. Microfiber cloths are ideal, but electronic wipes will do the trick, too.

    Opt for natural light or a well-lit room
    Issues with flash will be nonexistent if the photo target takes a selfie outside on a sunny day or finds a room that's already well lit. Dim rooms create too many shadows. Some older phones have a tendency to create a blue or yellow glare in darker rooms.

    Avoid problem angles
    Everyday may not be a smooth skin day. Avoid poses that bring attention to pimples, rashes, burns or other marks. That curling iron burn or breakout from drinking soda may be temporary, but that selfie will last a long time. If the photo target believes one side of her face looks better than the other -- even without blemishes -- take selfies on that side.

    So… that was a lot of tips, but here’s the best one. Show up to the 3rd Annual Isle Smokin’ Hot BBQ Contest on October 24th and 25th and get ready for selfie time! Why? Because your selfie will be posted online for you to find and enter our Piggy Pig Giveaway! Your winning snap shot just might win you dinner for 2 at Farraddays, a free night stay at a neighboring hotel, and $100 in Fan Play.

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