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    How to Select the Perfect Bottle of Wine

    Wine can be a great treat! It has so many uses. It’s great for party gifts, accompanying delicious food, or perfect for a casual night at home. But for some, purchasing wine can be intimidating. Not everyone is blessed with the knowledge to know whether red or white is suitable for a particular occasion. Here at Isle Casino® Racing Pompano Park, we have two award-winning restaurants that are known for their great selection of wines! So don’t worry, we’re here to help you discover how to select the perfect bottle of wine for any pairing.

    Wine Spectator Awards
    You may wonder how we can to be the authority on all things wine. Well, we don’t usually like to brag, but we consider ourselves wine connoisseurs, after our Award of Excellence wins from Wine Spectator®. Each year, Wine Spectator recognizes restaurants whose wine lists stand above the rest. Winning this award is no easy feat. All restaurants must offer a wide, yet interesting selection of vintage and regional wines. Not only did one of our restaurants win, but two of them did! And we couldn’t be more proud.

    Bragozzo® and Farraddays® both received the 2015 Wine Spectator Awards for the “Award of Excellence”. This year marked the fifth year of Farraddays® continued commitment to excellence, and Bragozzo®’s third year as a Wine Spectator award winner. And if that weren’t impressive enough, both restaurants are also recipients of OpenTable®’s “Diner’s Choice Award”. We aim to provide top-notch service with quality food selections to our customers, so these wins really mean a lot to us.

    Read on for tips from the pros on what to look for when selecting the perfect wine.

    1. Know Your Regions
    Wine comes from many regions around the world. However, there are certain regions that deliver the most palatable and appealing wines on a consistent basis. It’s usually those coming from a warmer climate. American wines from Oregon or California’s Sonoma and Napa counties all rank high on the list. South Africa, Chile, Australia, Sicily, France and Spain are also suitable choices, and also are generally less expensive.

    2. Pick a Young Bottle
    Just so we’re clear, this only applies to the cheaper to mid-point priced wines. Don’t ever choose a young bottle for expensive wines. Wines that are on the more affordable end of the spectrum have fruity and refreshing qualities that could be lost as the wine ages. Go for the fresh new vintages. Right now, you should choose 2013 and 2014 wines.

    3. Check the Rating
    Establishments will usually mention if a wine is highly rated. Sometimes the wine bottles themselves will list if they have a high rating on their labels. Do some research online on various wine websites such as Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast®. Look for a 90 or above rating.

    4. Pair With Food
    You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur in order to know how to pair wine with food. The general rule of thumb is this: pair light wine with lighter foods, like chicken, fish, creamy sauces and dessert. Full-bodied wines should go with bolder food choices such as tomato-based pasta, game and beef. These basics should be a good starting point for a beginner. As you become more knowledgeable in your wine selection, you can begin to break some of the rules. For example, some spicy foods go excellent with sweeter white wines. But for now, just go with the basics!

    5. Get Assistance
    If all else fails, you may have to consult a professional for their opinion. You may feel a little silly asking someone to help you pick out the perfect wine, but it can actually be quite fun! Wineries usually have certain days where they have wine sampling. You’ll have the opportunity to taste test different wines, without feeling intimidated. The employees in wineries are very knowledgeable and usually very eager to help. Just have fun with it!

    Now it’s time to put your knowledge to the test! Stop by Farraddays® or Bragozzo® to experience our award winning wine and food pairings for yourself.

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