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    Black Friday: The Pros and Cons of Braving the Masses

    There’s a great feeling attached to finding that perfect gift for friends or family, and an even better one when you can secure it at a fraction of the original price. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has become the single most manic, delirious shopping day of the year where you can achieve this goal. In fact, it has become so intense that many find themselves questioning whether all of the craziness is really worth it.

    It’s understandable how the day has become unappealing to some people. Long lines, early starts & the stress are persuading people to just stay at home rather than join the rest of the shopping fanatics. Black Friday may mean great deals, and could help cross everyone off your Christmas list, but the return may not be worth the investment. If you’re still on the fence, let’s look at the pros, cons & alternatives.


    1. The great deals you can score: You can get everyday items like clothes, and many big-ticket items like computers, tablets or TVs at a discounted rate.

    2. The adventure you can have: For some, Black Friday is a hunt, and it’s really more about the competiveness of the sport than the deals. People plan weeks in advance, map out a game plan, and start as early as possible.

    3. The memories to be made: Many families or groups of friends choose to tackle the stores together and collectively celebrate the great deals found.


    1. The very early start: Stores have been opening earlier for Black Friday for years. However, what once started with opening at the crack of dawn, has now turned into many stores opening as the clock strikes midnight on Thanksgiving night.

    2. The very-real potential of violence: With an increase in the intensity of Black Friday, many shoppers have gotten into fights and have even been trampled by crowds in the attempt to get the best, and often very limited, bargains.

    3. The letdown deals: The deals that are advertised on Black Friday are not actually always the best deals, and the biggest deals are very limited. It’s really just a very well-thought-out marketing scheme. In recent years, just as good or better deals can be found before the holiday or online on Cyber Monday.

    For many people, Black Friday just isn’t their thing. Luckily, there are many other activities available to participate in!

    The Alternatives:

    1. Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday typically has the same, if not better, deals than those available on Black Friday. Stay at home and relax with family, sleep in, watch sports, read a book, clean up Thanksgiving decorations and prepare for Christmas or get ahead on holiday letters and mail.

    2. Post-Thanksgiving party: If Thanksgiving is a day for family, make Black Friday a day for friends! Invite people over for a day-after-Thanksgiving celebration complete with music, games, drinks and leftover turkey sandwiches!

    3. Volunteer: Go out into your community and help someone else. After all, Thanksgiving is about appreciating what you have. Whether it's just picking up litter at the local park or walking an elderly neighbor's dog, you'll be doing something that you can feel good about.

    4. Go to local attractions: Whether you check out a zoo, an aquarium, a local museum or a movie, odds are you won’t have to fight too many crowds. Some venues even offer discounts on Black Friday to encourage people to do something other than shop.

    5. Go to a casino: Going to a casino on Black Friday lets you participate in some thrill and excitement without battling the masses from store to store. Casinos often put on special events and contests around the holidays, making the gaming even more enticing and suspenseful. Isle Casino® Racing Pompano Park is no different!

    If you decide to get to a casino, you know where to turn… hang out with us at The Isle®! Specifically for the holiday season, we have some AMAZING events going on. This year, we’re putting on the Gobble Gambles every Friday in November, including Black Friday! New winners are announced hourly and have the chance to win up to $1,000 in FanPlay®. We also have our 8X's Points promotion. Fan Club® members will receive 8X’s redeemable points when gaming that Friday!

    Rather than fighting crowds to spend your money on Black Friday, why not try winning some! Hope to see you here!






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