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    A Winning Pair

    When it comes to the world of dining, the "Diners' Choice" award from OpenTable® is a coveted prize. Farraddays® and Bragozzo® have been granted this honorable title, joining a long line of fine dining establishments. To win the "Diners' Choice" means a restaurant is top-notch, offering its patrons an excellent experience with every meal. Service, atmosphere, and great food all come together to make this award possible. The latest honorees should be bursting with pride about their achievements.
    OpenTable® is a reservation service dedicated to rating restaurants from around the world, working with over 600 individuals to find the best dining experiences for patrons. It's a service that benefits restaurants as well, providing them with boosts to their reservations and patronage with each positive review. One of the greatest honors that OpenTable® offers is the “Diners' Choice” award, ensuring diners that they will be in for a treat at any restaurant that has earned the title.

    OpenTable® rates restaurants by considering different aspects of the dining experience that patrons enjoy most. It considers such factors as a romantic atmosphere, excellence in service, food that is beyond compare, and seating arrangements. Privacy and comfort are important, too. In order to get the “Diners' Choice” award, everything has to come together; there needs to be consistency, along with many positive ratings.

    Consideration for a “Diners' Choice” award starts when diners who have made OpenTable® reservations fill out feedback information. Next, the ratings are averaged. Those restaurants that consistently get top honors are granted the “Diners’ Choice” award. Scores are based on algorithms. In addition, restaurants need to acquire a minimum number of ratings within 60 days. In the end, it all depends on the dining experience and number of feedback forms that are gathered. OpenTable® receives as many as 200,000 feedback forms on a monthly basis.

    Bragozzo®, of Pompano Beach, Florida, has recently added another feather in its cap with the “Diners’ Choice” award from OpenTable®. This first-rate dining establishment already earned the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in 2013. As a central component of Isle® Casino Racing, knows that creating a fine dining experience is an art. Diners come to Bragozzo® because they love all things Italian. Based on dining feedback forms returned to OpenTable®, it's clear that patrons aren't disappointed. The restaurant uses a winning combination of ingredients imported from Italy, locally-grown herbs, and a long tradition to create delicacies that are a temptation for the taste buds. Thanks to the skills of knowledgeable chefs and the creation of favorite recipes, topped off by an inviting atmosphere, patrons have proven that Bragozzo® truly is considered a “Diners' Choice” establishment.

    For diners in Pompano Beach, Florida, and the Isle® Casino, it's all about choices. Farraddays® Steakhouse offers patrons another award-winning alternative. Those who are in the mood to stray from the Bragozzo® Italian dishes can always expect a great meal at Farraddays®. Beef is king at this succulent steakhouse, which has also come out on top with the “Diners’ Choice” award from OpenTable®. As an added perk, diners can enjoy seafood and the fresh catch of the day. It's surf and turf at its best.

    Combining good eating with excellent accommodations and service means Farraddays® can't go wrong. The staff makes you a top priority, rolling out the red-carpet treatment and making sure you feel like an old friend. You'll also enjoy the Southern atmosphere. The ratings don't lie, thanks to the approval of satisfied customers. Feedback has been reported and averaged, establishing Farraddays® Steakhouse as a worthy recipient of the “Diners’ Choice” award.

    Locals and visitors to Pompano Beach can take the guesswork out of dining when they choose Bragozzo® or Farraddays®. Or dine at both restaurants to experience the best of both worlds. Head to the Isle® Casino to enjoy a combination of fine weather, gaming excitement, and good food. With “Diners’ Choice” award winners like Bragozzo® and Farraddays®, diners can eat, drink, and be merry during their visit.


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