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    6 Reasons to Own a Mustang

    Mustangs have graced the movie sets of Hollywood for years; often with the main character's hands on the wheel and a beautiful woman riding shotgun. In total, Mustangs have made an appearance in more than 3,000 movies and TV shows, including notable hits like James Bond films "Goldfinger" and "Diamonds Are Forever." This muscle car is synonymous with power, freedom and sex appeal. But there's more to Mustangs than good looks and a chick magnet reputation. Keep reading for six reasons you should own a Mustang, and find out how you can win your very own set of wheels!

    1. Mustangs have stood the test of time.

    Mustang celebrated its 50th birthday in 2014, and it's still just as popular as it was decades ago. When it first hit the market, Ford® could barely keep up with the demand for this popular make. This brand of car has stood the test of time and is coveted even today. There simply aren't many other cars as iconic as a Mustang, and not many 50 year olds that look nearly as good. The 2016 models have been adapted to what consumers want today, yet they still have an aura of refined nostalgia.

    2. They're American-made.

    Ferraris and Porsches are powerful and exotic, but nothing can compare to the Americana of a Mustang. The sleek body and powerful engine ooze red, white and blue, and your purchase will support the American economy. Nothing feels better than buying a car that was made right here in the land of the free, home of the brave.

    3. Mustangs are a great value.

    If you seek a perfect balance of affordability and power, a Mustang is the car you're looking for. Some competitors' makes out there have price tags that'll make your eyes water, and in comparison, Mustangs are very affordable. In addition, this brand is famously long lasting, so it'll be a while before it needs to be replaced. With good gas mileage, a reliable engine and a reasonable price, there's no denying that Mustangs are a great value.

    4. They're fun to drive.

    There's not many better ways to spend a lazy afternoon than cruising on a back road with the windows down. Mustangs are known for handling well on the road, and have a reputation for being fun to drive. Try one out for yourself, and we think you'll agree.

    5. There's a Mustang for everyone.

    Whether you're a fan of the racetrack and crave power, or are simply looking for a practical ride, there really is a Mustang model for everyone. Choose from manual transmission or automatic, and an EcoBoost® engine or a powerful V-6. Pick a sexy convertible or a sleek Fastback coupe. And the variety of color and interior options is enough to make even the pickiest car buyer happy.

    6. Be a part of a community.

    Mustang owners are a tightknit and friendly bunch, and owning one makes you a member. Ford estimates that there are more than 250 Mustang Enthusiast Clubs throughout the world, so no matter where you go, you'll be a part of a community bigger than yourself. On top of that, Mustang car shows have a reputation for being loads of fun, and what better way to take part than to drive up in your own set of wheels!

    Now that you know why you should own a Mustang, let's talk about how you can win one this summer! During the month of July, Isle® Casino Pompano Park will be giving away three Mustangs during its Red, White, and Blue Mustang Giveaways! Join us every Thursday, Friday and Saturday to be one of 10 hourly winners of $100 FanPlay®. Plus, each winner will be awarded a Blue Finalist Entry Ticket to deposit into the Blue Mustang drawing drum.

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