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    5 Tips to Enjoy the Best BBQ!

    Time for the 3rd Annual Isle Smokin' Hot BBQ Contest at Isle Racing Pompano Park. This year's festivities will be held on Friday, October 24, from 3:00pm to 9:00pm and on Saturday, October 25, from 10:00am to 6:30pm.

    What’s it all about? Approximately 30 cook teams attend this contest to find out who cooks the BEST BBQ in Southern Florida! That’s not all, this BBQ contest qualifies these folks for two of the biggest National BBQ Contests in the country – The Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational and the American Royal World Series. Going on to winning of those competitions puts you at the top of top in the BBQ food chain.

    As a guest of the 3rd Annual Isle Smokin’ Hot BBQ Contest – you can enjoy drinks, a DJ, a live country band, and plenty of tables and chairs for you to take a load of and get down on some BBQ grub. Here’s the order of things… Friday night the smokers come out, the wood chips are smelling great and these cook teams are ready for an all-night BBQ cook-off. Saturday, the real fun begins as you can take part in the People's Choice Contest and help select the best BBQ team. $5 gets you access to sample the delectable of these cook teams and cast your vote on the best. The winner gets a trophy and bragging rights for the year, so make sure your voice heard.

    Anyone can have fun at the BBQ Contest - heck, all you have to do is show up! But if you want your time at the contest to be totally amazing, just follow these five simple tips. They will help you sidestep any potential "ow" and focus on the "wow!"

    1. Wear sunscreen and shades. It's Florida, baby, and even in the late fall, all that sunshine can still do mean things to your skin. Even if the day is cloudy, harmful rays can still shine through, so avoid a nasty burn and premature aging by lathering up with your favorite sunscreen. Similarly, sunglasses will help protect your eyes from smoke, direct sunlight, and the reflection of the sun's rays off shiny surfaces - like cooking utensils. Wearing them at the contest can save you a bad case of red-eye later. If your eyes are easily irritated, it might be a good idea to bring along some over-the-counter or prescription eye drops as well.

    2. Scope out the BBQ. You'll be surrounded by mouthwatering sights and smells from the moment you set foot onto BBQ Contest grounds. Resist the temptation to start ordering food immediately. Nearly 30 cook teams are participating in the contest, and many of them offer to sell their creations. Don't fall prey to the urge to buy the very first thing that looks appetizing. Walk around and visit all of the booths before you make your food purchases. That way, you can be sure you're getting the best BBQ for you. Buy into the People’s Choice Contest and you can sample eats from the competing cook teams!

    3. Wear elastic pants. With so much food available to buy or to sample, the BBQ Contest is not a skinny-jeans event. If for some reason you don't get your fill at the BBQ, remember that the bar in the Hospitality Tent is always open. Or, head on inside cause the casino offers some amazing BBQ options in all their outlets including the buffet! In other words, come dressed for the occasion.

    4. Practice your selfie. Taking selfies that look good can be a challenge, but you'll want to hone your skill, because you'll find dozens of staged and impromptu photo ops at the contest. There's also one very special photo opportunity that involves a certain big, blow-up piggy and could land you dinner for 2 at Farraddays, hotel accommodations nearby and $100 in Free Fan Play! Plus, when you post your selfie online, you’ll get the admiration of friends and relatives everywhere.

    5. Pay attention for prizes. What fun is a contest without prizes? In this case, it isn't just the cook teams who can expect to be rewarded. Look sharp, and you'll find "surprise and delight" signs hidden cleverly throughout the event. If you're into social media, you can also enter the many social media contests that run throughout the BBQ Contest. Of course, it practically goes without saying that a trip into the casino can net you some big prizes as well.

    The 3rd Annual Isle Smokin' Hot BBQ Contest offers fun for everybody, whether you're a foodie, a music fan, a casino player, a combination of all of the above, or just a curious passerby. If you follow the five simple tips listed above, you're bound to have a good time. Just don't be too quick to get rid of those elastic pants. You may need them for a week or two after you sample all the delectable BBQ our cook teams have to offer.
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