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    4 Perks of Being 50 and Older

    Blowing out another birthday candle doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Turning 50 can often bring long-awaited or even unexpected life changes, and some of them are just as exciting as the birthday milestones of your younger years. We all know that with age comes wisdom, but there are some other perks of getting older deserving a celebration of their own.

    1. Cross off items on your bucket list.

    Sipping cappuccinos beneath the Eiffel Tower or taking a road trip across America may have been dreams you just never had the time to achieve to in your younger years. But getting older means you’ll have more time to yourself. With retirement in the foreseeable future and the adjustments of being an empty nester, you can start planning which dreams to cross off your bucket list first. Take advantage of your new-found freedom, and you may just find some adventures you never expected!

    2. Invest in yourself.

    Remember how you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish or perfect your backhand in tennis? Sometimes our hobbies or aspirations are overshadowed by the time and money associated with buying a first home and raising a family. Now that you’re in your fifties, you’re past the stage of spending your time on DIY home projects and all your extra money on diapers. Now's the time to buy a set of oil paints and brushes just to give them a whirl. Sign up for spin classes, join a wine-tasting club or buy the grill you’ve always wanted. The possibilities are endless! Take the time to discover new hobbies and spend time investing in yourself.

    3. Stop sweating the small stuff.

    Suddenly little issues like a bad haircut and a red-wine stain don’t seem like such a big deal anymore. You’ve made it this far in life and know your hair will be back to normal in a few weeks, and a little salt and soda water will get the stain right out! By now you have a few tricks up your sleeve and you know even the worst of situations will pass in time. Aging teaches us to focus on what’s really important in life, like spending quality time with friends and family or putting effort into your favorite hobbies. When you realize this, you’ll have less worry, doubt and drama in your life, and more time for what really matters.

    4. You know who you are.

    Most of our lives are spent trying to figure out what we believe in and what we want in life. While soul-searching can be exciting, it is also downright exhausting. But there’s a point in all our lives where it just clicks and we know exactly who we are; and this conviction comes only with age. By this point in your life, you know your opinions. You’ve embraced your flaws and you're actively pursuing what makes you happy. Take pride in this and share your true and confident self with the world.

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