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    3 Reasons Why You Must Own a BMW® 320i

    You deserve to have a little luxury in your life. One way to achieve that is with a BMW. The German automaker has long been a top name in luxury vehicles, with a wide selection of models to fit your style. Specifically, the BMW 320i will capture your attention with its sleek design and sumptuous amenities.

    1. Sporty Performance

    Part of the BMW 3 Series, this sedan features sporty styling that's sure to turn heads wherever you go. Experience precise cornering and agile performance you won’t expect from a luxury sedan. A powerful 320i engine gives you 180 horsepower, while providing exceptional fuel efficiency so that you can feel good about traveling the highways.

    Whether you're driving for fun or with a purpose, you want to feel the power beneath you and the comfort around you. The BMW 320i offers sporty handling without sacrificing luxury amenities that you'll appreciate. The Driving Dynamics Control features multiple settings to fit the way you drive, including Eco Pro, Comfort and Sport. Paired with an eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, you can take those winding roads and hairpin turns a little faster and smoother.

    2. Looking Good

    When you choose a luxury vehicle like the BMW 320i, it shows you care about the impression you make. You'll capture people’s attention when you drive by. Details in the design of a luxury car showcase sleek lines and sophisticated styling with brilliant colors and exquisite accents. The muscular, lean physique showcase just what this car can do.

    More than just making an unforgettable first impression, luxury cars are designed for quality. They hold their value longer. They feature top-of-the-line parts and precision craftsmanship that you won’t find in economy models. Design is also part of performance with lightweight materials used on the BMW 320i to enhance agility and stability when you're out on the highway.

    3. Giving You More of What You Want

    If looking good and having more fun driving aren’t reasons enough to own a luxury car, then think about all the extra amenities that you'll enjoy. It’s not just the number or type of amenities that make luxury cars like the BMW 320i stand out, but the superior quality and options on the standard features.

    For example, you expect to have information about your car’s performance available on the instrument panel. However, the BMW 320i takes it a step further with the iDrive system that includes a 6.5-inch color screen and Check Control that tells you the travel range based on your current fuel level and next required service appointment. With the BMW TeleService, the information is relayed to your BMW dealer so that maintenance work is completed faster and more conveniently.

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