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    3 Delicious Mint Julep Recipes to Pair with Horse Racing!

    April showers do bring May flowers, but that’s not the only thing May is offering this month. It’s time for the perfect drink-event combination… Enter the mint julep, accompanying horse racing season! National Mint Julep Day is May 30th, which is important to us at the Isle Casino® Racing Pompano Park because we are wrapping up this season of horse racing at the Isle® on May 31st.

    So how do you celebrate properly? By mixing your favorite horse-racing beverage to be sipped & enjoyed during the excitement itself. Even if you don’t make it over, here are 3 delicious mint julep recipes to try at home!

    1 lemon, rinsed
    2 teaspoons sugar
    5 fresh mint sprigs (3 to 5 in.) rinsed & drained
    About 1 ½ cups crushed or shaved ice
    ¼ cup bourbon
    2 tablespoons club soda

    1. With a vegetable peeler or a sharp knife, pare a 2-inch strip of peel (yellow part only) from the lemon, then cut into long, thin shreds. Cut lemon in half and rub 1 cut side on the rim of a glass (10 to 12 oz.) to moisten; save lemon for other uses. Pour 2 teaspoons sugar on a small plate and dip moist glass rim in it to coat evenly, then pour sugar into glass.

    2. Add 4 mint sprigs to glass. With a wood spoon, crush mint sprigs with sugar to bruise the leaves and release the herb's flavor. Fill glass with ice. Add bourbon, then fill to rim with club soda. Let stand until glass is frosty, about 2 minutes. Garnish with lemon peel and remaining mint sprig. Sip julep through a straw, adding more sugar to taste.

    2 ounces Woodford Reserve®
    ½ ounce grapefruit falernum
    ½ ounce honey syrup (1:1)
    2-3 dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters
    Fresh mint
    14 ounce tin can

    1. Add 6-8 mint leaves, grapefruit falernum, honey syrup, and bitters to your tin can.
    2. Lightly press your mint with a muddler.
    3. Add Woodford Reserve and crushed ice.
    4. Stir until the cocktail is properly diluted and frost starts to form on the outside of the can.
    5. Top with a heaping pile of crushed ice and garnish with a grapefruit peel and 2-3 big sprigs of mint.

    A modern spin on the mint julep that’s even smoother than the original.

    4 fresh mint leaves
    1 oz. simple syrup
    Crushed ice
    2 oz. Ole Smoky Moonshine® White Lightnin’™
    1 fresh mint sprig
    Lime Garnish

    Simple step: Place mint leaves and simple syrup in a highball glass. Muddle mint leaves with syrup. Add ice; pour moonshine over ice. Garnish with lime and mint sprig.

    Since 1964, we’ve been offering world-class Standardbred racing, featuring award-winning trainers and drivers. We invite you to spend the final race of the season with us at the track, while enjoying your favorite beverages. Help us send this season off with excitement & a huge crowd!

    We’ll see you at the track!
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