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    3-Card Poker is Back!

    Poker has an undeniable appeal and popularity that has spanned both decades and generations. A perfect blend of luck and skill, this card game allows players an opportunity to test out new strategies as well as leverage sheer good fortune in a chance to win it big. Best of all, with so many different variations of the game, players can choose their own perfect poker pursuit.

    At Isle Casino® Racing Pompano Park, we proudly showcase this table game here at our prestigious South Florida poker room. Gamers the world over travel here to enjoy our state-of-the-art facility and indulge in all things poker. Our poker room offers access to a wide range of games, including one-card and multi action, making it the perfect place for new and experienced gamers alike.

    New Additions to the Poker Room

    As of February 1st, we have introduced even more playing options to our poker room. Most notably, 3 Card Poker has returned to the Isle®! A crowd favorite, also referred to as Tri Poker or Tri Card, this particular variation delivers all the thrills and excitement associated with other poker games, yet still offers some unique rules and nuances.

    Understanding how to play can help you decide if it's the right choice for you. Each game uses a typical 52-card deck. The dealer passes out cards in groups of three using an automatic shuffling machine. One noteworthy element to 3-Card; two games are simultaneously in session with each hand. The first, commonly known as "ante/play," is where you compete against the dealer. The second, referred to as "pair plus," offers varying bonus payouts for hands holding one or more pair. When playing both games at the same time, you can place a different bet on each.

    Full Pay rules include:

    Play must always equal ante
    Dealer always plays with queen high or better; king high or better gives the house a higher advantage
    Dealer does not play when:
    o Play Pays: Push
    o Ante Pays: 1 to1
    Dealer does play when:
    o Play Pays 1 to 1
    o Ante Pays: 1 to 1

    Hand Value

    There are some quick things to note about hand values. Just like most poker games, aces play both high and low to a straight. However, unlike other variations, it's harder to make a straight than a flush in this version, so straights gain a higher value. The highest hand possible is an ace high straight flush.

    Basic Rules

    Players have a chance to bet on the ante, pair plus or both, according to designated spots on the table. Each table should have posted wager limits. After receiving and viewing their hands, players may fold (which means giving cards back and forfeiting ante bet), or continue play by placing a wager (of equal value to the ante) on the designated "play" table spot.

    After players place their bets, the dealer may then view his/her hand. If the hand doesn't qualify for queen high or better, the dealer isn't eligible for play. Active players then get a "push" and must receive even money on their ante bets. Additionally, players with a straight or better should receive an additional ante bonus. However, when the dealer does qualify for play, those who cannot beat his hand lose both antes and play wagers. Players holding a better hand than the dealer win money on both the ante and play wagers.

    Test Your Skill (and Luck) at the Isle

    3 Card isn’t the only headliner making a grand entrance to the poker room… We’re introducing Ultimate Texas Hold’Em and One Card Poker as well. Stop by and play all three new additions!

    Plus, stay up to date with everything poker at the Isle with our poker blog, available online. We know you’ll enjoy everything we have to offer, so plan a trip soon!
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