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    2016 Alfa Romeo 4c: 5 Reasons Why You Want One

    The Alfa Romeo® 4C is the car you need to drive if you're a sports car enthusiast. If you've never been up close to one of these models or sat behind the wheel of the 4C, you need to know what you're missing. Here are five reasons to make you want one of these exceptional cars.

    1. A Car for the Purest Sports Car Fans
    Taking you back to the iconic design of the 1970s Italian model, the 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C is completely stripped-down, focusing on one thing – being the best sports car in the world. With no power steering and a powerful turbo engine with a sound so loud it drowns out everything else, this car isn't for the faint of heart. However, it is for the person who is itching to get behind the wheel of a true, old-school sports legend.

    2. One of a Kind on the Street
    Because of its design and capabilities, this car won't be seen on the streets of your local neighborhood. Anyone who does have one of the 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C sports cars parked in their garage will appreciate the exclusive club they belong to. This beauty is a show-stopper, but it takes no prisoners. You'll have to prove you can handle the power and uniqueness of the 4C. Once you do, you'll enjoy a ride very few people will ever get the opportunity to experience.

    3. Feel the Road
    It's not much fun to have a fast car if it doesn't feel fast. That won't be a problem in the Alfa Romeo 4C. You can be assured of how fast the 1.75-liter 4-cylinder engine is with its 237 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque. Get behind the wheel and expect to hit 60 mph in about four seconds. And you'll experience every second and every breathtaking mile as you drive. A loud engine sounding in your ears enhances the journey as you feel each curve as you turn.

    4. Head-turning Design
    Many of today's drivers won't have a clue what model you're driving when you're behind the wheel of the Alfa Romeo 4c. The model hasn't been seen in America in 20 years, and it's expected only about 1,000 will be available in the US in a year. Of course, sports car enthusiasts will recognize the distinct design of the Alfa Romeo. Classic design is evident in the front grille while the overhangs on both the front and rear are extremely short and create a dramatic impression. All of the curves and lines are designed for aerodynamics.

    5. A Powerful Lightweight
    Weighing in at less than 2500 lbs. and featuring a carbon fiber tub, this 4C takes weight loss to a new level. Stripped down pedals and a lack of any extra features such as body panels ensure this car isn't weighed down by anything deemed unnecessary. The result is a coupe which can go the distance faster than you can imagine. Drive the Alfa Romeo 4c once and no other car will ever satisfy.

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