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    1967 vs 2016

    Do you remember 1967? It was the year of the Beatles, Rolling Stone® Magazine, the summer of love and the legendary Camaro®. Take a step back in time with us as we compare 1967 to 2016 to prepare for our $140,000 Past or Present Giveaway!

    1. The Beatles and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
    1967 was the year the Beatles released their iconic album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” It was a huge success, even winning Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards. In 2016, rock and pop still reign supreme, and the influence of the Beatles is still felt throughout the music industry.

    2. “Rolling Stone Magazine” debuts
    The first issue of “Rolling Stone Magazine” hit the newsstands in November of 1967. Meant to reflect a youthful perspective on music, as well as popular culture and politics, the high journalistic standard of the magazine made it a popular and respected publication. The magazine is still around today, known for its distinctive covers, in-depth interviews and political reporting.

    3. Mini Skirts
    Hemlines creep up and down over the years, but the mini skirt first gained real traction in 1967, as it became the height of fashion for young women. After several years of trendy mid-length skirts, minis are back again in 2016, with runways populated with super short skirts.

    4. The first ATM
    It’s hard to imagine banking without an ATM, but that’s exactly what people did before the first machine was introduced in 1967. Debuting in London, the ATM soon became the standard. Now customers can perform a multitude of transactions, even depositing checks, without ever having to stand in line for a teller.

    5. Introduction of the Camaro
    The Camaro first rolled off the assembly line in the 1967 model year, and an American classic was born. It was an instant hit and has remained popular throughout the decades – it’s the embodiment of cool. Now in its sixth generation, though the appearance of the Camaro has changed, its speed and dynamic precision has not.

    In 1967 and even today, the Camaro is regarded as a true classic. This September, we’re giving you the opportunity to win a 1967 or a 2016 Camaro at the Isle® Casino Racing Pompano Park. Be here every Friday and Saturday in September, where we’ll draw three winners every 15 minutes to win $200 in FanPlay®. Plus, each winner will be awarded a Finalist Entry ticket for the Camaro drawing.

    Plus, don’t miss Finale Night on Saturday, September 24 at 11 p.m., when one winning Finalist Entry ticket will be pulled from the drawing drum and awarded either a 2016 Camaro, a 1967 Camaro or a cash option of $18,500.

    $140,000 Past or Present Giveaway
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    4-10 p.m.
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    *Excluded September 30th

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